Utsunomiya City, Historic Cities and Agro Tourism

Utsunomiya City, Historic Cities and Agro Tourism – Three months after the earthquake and tsunami that rocked Japan’s economy, local-government areas in the City of Sunrise is now working to restore the condition of each region. In the capital prefecture (province) Tochigi, Utsunomiya, agro industry, historical tourism, and natural attractions draw visitors to try again.
“The closeness of our region by Fukushima, about 2 hours journey by bus, causing the risk of nuclear radiation haunt Utsunomiya in Tochigi and other areas,” said Saito Public Relations Local Government Tochigi.

Get rid of the stamp as the area exposed to nuclear, Tochigi local government, continue to monitor radiation levels in the region. Now, Saito ensure the area is safe from nuclear radiation. Strawberry and various fruits and vegetables are well-known high quality is now marketed throughout Japan back in and ready to be exported.
Buddhist temples and petilasan Edo era, and the Nikko national park ready for tourists again.
Data from Saito, nuclear threat has made the number of tourists visiting the Tochigi reduced by 20-30 percent over the last three months.
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