Travel Guide to Grand Canyon Arizona

Travel Guide to Grand Canyon Arizona – One of the famous tourist places in the United States is the Grand Canyon. Grand Canyon even become one of the seven wonders of the world. Grand Canyon is located in northern Arizona, USA. Grand Canyon itself is a very beautiful canyon formed by erosion by the Colorado River. These attractions appear as a steep cliff with a river underneath, landscape rocks result of natural processes over millions of years. Therefore, the Grand Canyon often used as a research to find out the state of the earth millions of years ago to see the layers formed.

Grand Canyon tourist spot famous as the abode of the United States the native Indian tribes. Along the way to the Grand Canyon will be a lot of shops selling souvenirs and restaurants that sell Indian cuisine Indian.

One of the highlights of the Grand Canyon in the United States it is a suspension bridge skywalk. Skywalk is located on the west (West Rim) Grand Canyon. Skywalk is a suspension bridge or a half-circle shaped like the letter U, located approximately 4000 feet from ground level, and the floors of invisibility. Standing on the skywalk seemed to walk on air, with views of cliffs, gorges, and rivers that are spectacularly beautiful surroundings. However, if you have a phobia of heights, maybe you will think many times to walk in this skywalk.

In place of the Grand Canyon tours are also provided recreational rafting. Rafting the Colorado River crossing as well as other rivers with the scenery around is very beautiful canyon. In addition, these attractions are also overlooking the lake, ravines, and waterfalls. During the journey to the Grand Canyon there are also many other attractions. The trip to the Grand Canyon has many alternatives, you can use the helicopter, walking and also by car, bus, hummer tours and so on. Arrive at Grand Canyon tourist spot, guaranteed you’ll be treated by the incredibly beautiful scenery. Do not miss the opportunity to see the scenery at sunrise and sunset.

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