The Story Behind of La Kasba Revolution (Tunis)

La Kasba, a place which contained the Office of the Prime Minister (PM), Tunis and the country’s finance ministry.

The purpose of their arrival to La Kasba only one: demanding the dissolution of the Government of National Unity and the leadership of Prime Minister Mohamed Gannouchi Constitutional Democratic Society Party (RCD), which came to power in the era of the regime of President Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali (1987-2011).

They are now occupying the PM’s office. They are willing to sleep in the open for days in the midst of extreme cold temperatures in front of PM’s office in the district of La Kasba. Temperatures can reach 5 degrees Celsius at night. Some of them establish makeshift tent to protect themselves from cold temperatures.

That’s the rest of the story Tunisia revolution. After successfully sank a strong regime of Ben Ali on 14 January, they now struggle to displace the remnants of Ben Ali’s loyalists are still entrenched in the interim government.

Anyone who visited Tunis at that time would have felt the strong movement of Ben Ali and the RCD-phobia-phobia.

And, if they are in La Kasba today, immediately also felt that the Tunis country really was seized with a revolution that requires a fundamental change in all aspects of life.

“I’ve been here four days and will continue to survive here but after this corrupt government falls,” said Nouri Bouchlaka claiming to come from the city of El Hamma.

Nouri Bouchlaka together 400 colleagues from the city of El Hamma come to the capital city of Tunis with dropping the new government’s determination that there are still remnants of loyalists of President Ben Ali.

A citizen of another Tunisian, Mohamed Ali, who comes from the province of Kairouan, with 12 colleagues also came to the city of Tunis. “I have four days here. I will not go home until this mafia government falls, “said Mohamed Ali from his camp at La Kasba.

Another Tunis citizens, Salem Jazzi, who comes from the province of Sfax, admitted that he had three days in La Kasba. He also claimed to come to Tunis to overthrow the new government and the RCD.

La Kasba, like Jalan Habib Bourguiba, who also is a popular place in Tunis. In La Kasba, in addition to existing government complex and a large traditional market (Souk), there is also a historical mosque, Zaitounah. La Kasba become tourist destinations of foreign tourists to shop in the Souk.

Now the fate like the fate of La Kasba Road Habib Bourguiba, which became a place of mass protests.

In La Kasba, the mass consisted of thousands of people from all over the Tunis country busy yelling for the downfall of the new government. Sometimes they try to break down the door of the office of PM, but was always met by the military that keeps office.

In La Kasba now also filled with pamphlets anti-Ben Ali, an anti-RCD, and the new anti-government . There are pamphlets that read “No to Government Corruption,” “Will not go home until after the fall of corrupt government and the henchmen of Ben Ali”, “The Martyrs Southern Tunisia by the revolution of freedom and honor”, “Disband RCD and return the wealth of the people”, “Citizens Sidi Bouzid, Meknassy, and insisted the fall of Mohamed Bouzaiane Gannouchi “, and” Drop the government mafia. “

There are also some students bring fliers reading “The Engineering Student Tunisia supported efforts to impose a new government.”

Political forces in Tunis are now split. Anyone want a dissolution of the new government (ad interim) Prime Minister Mohamed Ghannouchi leader because he was still the remnants of the old regime, but others want enough to overhaul the cabinet by removing the figures from the era of Ben Ali’s former officials.

News circulating in the capital Tunis, the government and parties are held intensive negotiations to dismantle the cabinet that his plan was announced on Wednesday or Thursday.

The new government cabinet pascaperombakan it will be a trial, the extent to which it is acceptable to the people of the country.

The interests of all parties in Tunisia is the country back to normal soon for the loss that befell the country are not getting bigger. Moreover, the tourist season only two or three months.

Tunisia is known as a country that most foreign exchange earnings from tourism industry. It is estimated that about 7 percent of gross domestic product has a population of 10 million comes from tourism with 370,000 jobs in the sector. It is estimated that about 7 million tourists visited the country every year.

Since the outbreak of revolution in mid-December and then, Tunis has experienced a loss of about 2 billion U.S. dollars. In addition to marine tourism in Hammamet, Sousse, and Jerba, sand the edge of the sea and also the remains of the ruins of the ancient Roman empire is some country charm “heaven” of this tour. On this tour the country was also found beggars or touts. And, most tourists visit in Tunisia is between July and August.

Apart from the beauty of this tourist attraction in Tunis, according to tourism experts, only a small proportion of tourism business in Tunis owned his own people.

Still lucky, political upheavals are more prevalent in southern Tunis, so tourist areas are generally located in inaccessible northern riots. The tourism industry in the country which only has an area of 163,610 square kilometers is not too severe suffering due to political unrest.

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