The Mystery of Hieroglyphics in The Pyramids Revealed

The Mystery of Hieroglyphics in The Pyramids Revealed. The exploration of archaeologists into the Pyramids of Giza with the help of a robot able to find a secret message written in hieroglyphic script. The readings are done hieroglyphic script finally reveals that it is the symbol rate.

“hieroglyphic symbols that are numbers. Read from right to left, then 100, 20, 1. The figures are expressed around the secret room, 121 feet,” said Luca Miatello, an independent researcher who has specialized in the field of mathematics in Ancient Egypt.

Miatello said, hieroglyphs were found at the back door of one room mystery. The room is one of the 4 rooms in the pyramid that was found in 1872 and decades of a puzzle for the archaeologists.

Shaun Whitehead, researchers involved in this project reveals, “If that’s true hieroglyphic figures and stating precise measurement of the mysterious room, this is amazing. This will be the key to the riddle of rare and large about what is really the architect of the pyramid was thinking.”

Pyramid of the discovery of hieroglyphics was built for Pharaoh Khufu and is the largest among the three pyramids at Giza. According Miatello who write about the patterns of the pyramid in figure ankh Journal and the Journal of Archaeology of Egypt, a multiple of 7, 9 and 11 cubits often encountered in the design patterns of the pyramid.

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