The Bronzen Drum, Nekara Gong from China in Selayar (South Sulawesi)

The Bronzen Drum, Nekara Gong from China in Selayar (South Sulawesi). A gong is called the bronzen nekara or drum which is believed to be the oldest and largest gong in the world, China remains in Selayar Islands, South Sulawesi Indonesia, about 2,000 years ago, is believed to have supernatural powers.

Stories Toa (65), a guard gong, the presence of relics of Bronze Age culture originated from a Chinese citizen who was sailing in the waters around the Islands Selayar. For some reason ships coming from Dong Son was then stranded. “No one knows for sure why the Chinese ship could be stranded,” he said.

But the story of the ancestors, the gong which has three functions in the kingdom Putabangun namely religious functions, social and political culture that was first discovered by one of the cultivators of the garden named Pao in 1969 ago.

Goods that are found in the soil with a depth of 2-3 meters in Papam Laheo, Environment Bontosaile. “When I was about to plant palm Pao, but after galiannya reach 2 meters, used a crowbar on the part of the gong Pao to read,” Toa said while cleaning the dust off the gong nekara it.

The experts interpret the history, gongs nekara it is Bronze Age relics. The conclusion was drawn, after the historians doing research and discovered the bronze gongs which resembles a cormorant upside down, with a surface area of ​​a circle of 396 cm square, circle the waist area 340 square cm, and height of 95 cm square.

The uniqueness held sacred gong known it is the presence of patterned images of flora and fauna consists of 16 elephant tails, tail 54 birds, 11 pieces of betel tree and 18 fish tail. While the upper surface of the gong there are 4 statues in the form of a frog with a tail length of 20 cm and in addition there are 4 ear that functions in part handles.

In the field there at the geometric decoration, as well as in the middle there is a gong-shaped star pattern line 16. Nekara vertically composed on foot structure shaped like a circular cylinder, convex-shaped body and shoulders.

The existence of nekara gong that has high artistic value it could encourage irresponsible person stole one statue of a frog. But after all these years of looking, finally a frog statue was found in Jakarta. As a result of the incident, the provincial government as a protector berinisatif home made.(Kompas)

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