The Best Underwater Expedition in The World

The Best Underwater Expedition in The World – The roar of the engine wooden boat finally stopped and the boat began to move closer. Nothing is heard except the small waves that pounded the side of the boat and slowly release it. The birds flew from the tip of a small tree in one of the uninhabited islands and remote areas.

Raja Ampat, or “Four Kings” is the name given to these islands. A name derived from a local myth. The four major islands, referred to it is Waigeo, Salawati, Batanta, and Misool, who is the producer of the ancient rock paintings. Underwater tour enthusiasts from all over the world flocked here to enjoy the best underwater scenery in the world is amazing.

Two days earlier, when you are in Bali is bustling once wrapped in sacred art, take a plane bound for New Guinea birds head. Furthermore, be prepared for an unforgettable adventure.

Begin your tour here with a dive under the sea is the most beautiful. Explore the underwater vertical wall was. Feel the tension also diving, pounding when vacillating ocean currents. That certainly will be an unforgettable personal experience in Raja Ampat.

Region islands in Raja Ampat is very broad, covering 4.6 million hectares of land and sea. This is where the home to 540 species of corals, 1511 species of fish, mollusks and 700 species.

The wealth of this biota have made Raja Ampat as a living library of the collection of coral reefs and marine life of the world’s most diverse. In fact, according to a report in The Nature Conservancy and Conservation International, there are about 75 percent of the world’s marine species live in this amazing island.

“I’m like a child 5 years old the first time see the coral reefs, fascinated by the charm of this richest reef. With all the resources that exist, we must preserve the beauty of Raja Ampat and may be the last place, “said Michael Aw as quoted from

When you arrive at the Raja Ampat then the excitement can already be felt. Suddenly there was instantly a man who had come to this place praising God’s name because of his eye and lured her incredible natural scenery.

If you did not find that response, then stunned silence was evidence someone had captured a speck of heaven that fell on the crystal-clear sea and the waves gently sweeping white sand.

“Here’s good!” Said a friendly local tour guide from a travel agent in Raja Ampat.

Words beginning it signifies that a visitor has arrived at one of the best dive sites in the world. When not guiding tourists, local guide is an ordinary fisherman.

Fishermen are accustomed to outsiders who come to visit. They are very friendly, especially if given or chewing betel nut, the one thing you should try. This method has been known, namely by providing candy that is considered form of courtesy and capable raises a smile to the fishermen.

Fishermen in Raja Ampat usually eat snacks when conversing (para-the nut). They would exchange jokes, chewing betel nut. In many ways, including the similarity of nature, culture, and history, fishing communities in Raja Ampat has similarities with the Moluccas.

“I love people, I like penyelamannya, incredible! Only this time I dive for the second time in the same place, and I thought to back a third time and beyond! “Said Peter van Dalen in

Raja Ampat scenery like in a dream but this is not an illusion. When you plunge into the underwater dive then note with details of marine animals that greet. It could be dwarf sea horses approaching your fingers as if to welcome shake hands. Mantaray and wobbegong will swim with you.

Tuna, giant trevaliies, snapper, barracuda and even helped to welcome you at the bottom of the sea. That’s not enough, what if there is a new friend who is friendly dugong fish want to swim with you. Do not miss too busy watching the little fish back and forth to keep its territory. If you are lucky may be able to swim with sea turtles.

Natural beauty, as if totally untouched has been the main attraction here. No need to phrase the beauty of a blue sky or a fertile island, because of what lies above the land and under the sea will tell you “Welcome to the Raja Ampat Islands; this is your personal Disneyland to dive!”.

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