The Best Tourist Attraction in Chile

The following activities are recommended, if travel to Chile, a country in Latin America.

1. Small train ride to the beach
By paying the ticket 2 pounds (about Rp28 thousand), you can enjoy this train headed to the beach with two lines that follow the river to the port of historic Maule Constitución.

2. National Park Radal Siete Tazas
Pay admission 4 pounds (about Rp57 thousand), you can see the stunning natural wonders in the National Park Radal Siete Tazas and saw seven clear river pools carved from basalt.

3. Climbing the mountains of the Andes in the path of Eagles (Condor Circuit)
Towards this farm takes about seven days and must have the stamina that fit and work hard.

4. Exploring the beach dune
5. Eat a traditional barbecue Chile
6. Ride a horse around the Andes
7. Explore the vineyards

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