The Australian Grand Prix 2012

The Australian Grand Prix 2012 – The Australian Grand Prix is an annual automobile race held in Australia. These competitions include the oldest car race competition held at the kangaroo country. For you lovers of the prestigious car racing, do not miss the Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix 2012. This race will be held at Melbourne’s Albert Park, 15-18 March 2012.

For four consecutive days you will be served by the actions fun and exciting in Formula 1 competition. A world of competition 25 riders who snatch up the victory podium. Do not miss also the expertise of Mark Webber and Daniel Ricciardo speeding on the Albert Park Grand Prix circuit. They are two riders from Autralia who will enliven the world of car racing competition.

As reported by the, Mark and Daniel will do our best to boast of his nation. Mark, Red Bull, the session feeling confident in the race this time.

“The team worked very well, so we need to prove the results on this weekend,” said the man who is familiarly called webbo it.

Mark adds, “We’re going to get a clear picture about the performance of the car and so far the team has done the best. However, our rivals like McLaren, Ferrari, Lotus, and Mercedes will do the same good, then it is difficult to predict the outcome. We prove I do not. “

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