Stonehenge (England), Saving Other Monuments?

Stonehenge discovered a circular structure that lies a few hundred meters from the famous monument. So far this is still a question whether the levels found in these structures. The survey team who dug suspect that the structure is a monument foundation logs arranged in a circle, which can be a wooden version of Stonehenge.
But Tim Darvill, a professor of archeology at the University of Bournemouth in southern England, the opinion, which is found in prehistoric graves. Darvill said the circle was the expansion of other discoveries in the vicinity of Stonehenge and shows that many things that must be learned and how widespread the site actually. “At that time, Stonehenge is Europe’s largest ceremonial centers,” he said.

Stonehenge is seen currently estimated to be completed was built about 3,500 years ago, although most early work has been started more than 5000 years ago. While many people have been digging continuously since the 18th century, currently digging watched closely. So the archaeologists to do the scanning field by using magnets and radar sensors to see what’s going on around Stonehenge.
The new structure found in a group of wells that surrounded the holes smaller. This ring structure is about 900 meters away from Stonehenge and is within the field when viewed from Stonehenge.
Birmingham University archaeologist Henry Chapman said that the small holes that there is a former buffer main wooden pillars that stood 3 feet tall setingga more.
Timberhenge – the name later given to the structure of it – might be built at the same time as Stonehenge, and is thought to have religious functions and ceremonies related. But what kind of ceremony is still unknown. Clearly, these findings add a vast complex of tombs and Neolithic structure in the region.
Mysterious Region
The structure most similar to the timber henge is Woodhenge, monument which consists of six series of wooden pillars and surrounded by a mound of dirt. Excavations at the site in 1970 led to the child’s body with the head in the middle of the monument, which led to allegations of human sacrifice there.
A stone’s throw from timberhenge, there is another formation called the Cursus, the form of excavation along 3 miles of unknown function. Nearby there are also mounds of earth called the Northern Kite Enclosure, where farmers seem to avoid the bronze age farming there. Once again, no one knows why.
Area around Stonehenge is also full of prehistoric graves existed before the building was partially built. Last year the researchers found a small circle of stone monument on the banks of the River Avon. They suspect a stone circle called “Bluehenge” because it was built with blue stones is a starting point for a later ceremony procession ended at Stonehenge.
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