Sousse, Traditional Port City in Tunisia

Sousse (Susa) is a port city on the Mediterranean and the fourth largest city in Tunisia. The name is of Berber origin, with these parallels are found in Libya. In southern Morocco the whole region is known as Bilad al-sus.

The town of Sousse is located some 130 kilometers south of the Tunisian capital of Tunis in the south of the Gulf of Hammamet on the Mediterranean. The city has 173 047 inhabitants, with their wider surrounding areas 432 171 (census 2004). It is the capital of Sousse Governorate Sousse Wilayat / Wilayat Susa (census 2004: 544 413 inhabitants) and capital of the Tunisian Sahel.

The name is probably derived from the Berber languages​​: similar names can be found in Libya and southern Morocco (Bilādus SUS). Sousse Governorate is the capital of the economy depend on transportation equipment, preserved foods, olive oil, textiles, and tourism. Here are the University of Sousse.
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