Sand Skiing Sensation at Tangalooma

Clear blue sky. The sun was blazing. Sand beneath your feet do not feel hot because of morning rain had flushed Moreton Island, an island in the Pacific Ocean, northeast of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.
Three dozen travelers seem out of two tour buses that stop at the sea of ​​sand in the famous tourist area on the island, Tangalooma.

The tourists walked single file up the sand dunes as high as the 100-meters. Each carrying a piece of hardboard board measuring about 100 x 30 centimeters. Previously, upon referral guide, they are first rubbed a candle to one of the slippery surface of the board which later became the sliding device that sand skiing.
Arriving at puucak hill, ski march participants. Queue waiting for their turn down the slope of sand with a slope of about 40 degrees. Then, it was time to enjoy the sensation of sand skiing, paying fatigue and shortness of breath when climbing a hill.
Board surface is coated with wax placed on the bottom side, touching the sand. Both arms pull up the front end of the board that its position is hanging on the lip slopes, while the other board was still in the flat side of the hill, where skiers on your stomach with your legs bent upwards.
Slowly, the guide directs participants ski boards and bodies leaning down. A few seconds later, tourists glide down the slopes of the sand. The longer, the higher the speed board. Hysterical screams often heard when the board shot down the ski at speeds up to 40 kilometers per hour. Until the end, the glider slows down and stops when it was already in a flat expanse of the foothills after traveling hundreds of meters.
Straighten the foot so that the tip of the thumb tips touching the sand is to brake and stop the board. However, do not ever lose the two hands that pull the front end of the board during downhill.
If that is done, the following board people on it will tumble down the slope while.
Sand skiing is one of the attractions on offer for the visitor area Tangalooma resort on Moreton Island, an island in the Pacific Ocean, northeast of Brisbane, Queensland.
Playing surfboard on the sand dunes are also members of the group had acted journalist who received an invitation from Tourism Queensland and the carrier Singapore Airlines to visit several attractions in the state of the east side of Australia. Do not miss too, safari along the sand hills and coastal areas Tangalooma with four-wheel ATV vehicles, all terrain vehicle. Some of us also enjoy the panorama of the coast by riding the Segway, the two-wheeled vehicle that can go with the rider leaning forward.
Variety of themes
Various theme tours managers worked in Queensland, ranging from the panoramic beaches and islands, adventure activities to enjoy the nuances of flora and fauna in nature, to the spectacle in various tourism objects. We also got invited to watch a magic show featuring illusionist Joe Labero. Magic tricks combined with a stunning view of visitors who meet the cabaret theater seats at Jupiters Hotel and Casino’s.
Meanwhile, at Dreamworld, we had the opportunity to try out the game Tower of Terror ride. Heart skipped a beat when we were riding the train suddenly pulled back with a strong jolt, climbing the rails to a height of tens of meters in an upright position, and then slid downward. The experience was nine seconds of adrenalin.
Various tourism potential that is a tourist magnet. Project Coordinator of International Media and Trade Relations, Tourism Queensland, Jane Webster, said it wanted to increase tourist visits to Queensland, including tourists from Indonesia.
International Tourism Snapshot Based on data as of September 2010, from 720,000 tourists who visit Asia to Queensland, 17,000 of whom are from Indonesia. “And, we want the number of visits continues to increase,” said Webster.
To achieve that purpose, Tourism Queensland is partnering with airlines, including Singapore Airlines which is serving the route from Jakarta to Brisbane, the capital of Queensland.
The presence of hotels and apartments are not far from the beach location, the show centers, and shopping centers, easy access to visitors to those places. We are staying at Mantra and dinner at the Holiday Inn had only takes a dozen minutes on foot to get to the Gold Coast beaches of white sand.
We had a chance to see the panoramic view of Brisbane city, with beaches overlooking the Pacific Ocean, from the observation deck Skypoint towering 77 floors in height.
Meanwhile, far below, the Pacific Ocean waves breaking on the shore looking tourists enjoying the evening atmosphere.
Has a variety of tourism potential is a golden opportunity to attract tourists as long as it can be packed well. Queensland do.
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