Ruwenzori Mountains (Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda)

The Ruwenzori Mountains (Ruvenzori / Rwenzori), with up to 5109 meters the third highest mountain in Africa. It is in East Africa on the border between the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda and has as one of only three mountains in Africa glaciations. Because of its high ecological significance, it is part of UNESCO’s world natural heritage.

The name “Ruwenzori” is derived from the term ‘Rwenjura’ (pronounced Rwen dschura) in the language of the resident on Ugandan side Batoro now and say something like “The Rainmaker “, but can also be translated as “Cloud King “. Many initial spellings like Ruwenzururu, Ruwenjura, Runssoro, Rundjuru, Rwenzuzu, Rwenzeri and many other favorite of the explorer Henry Morton Stanley “Ruwenzori.
The name prevailed in the sequence and is both in the Congo and in the German-sponsored by the expedition reports by Luigi Amedeo of Savoy, still the common name. In English-speaking, however, the Rwenzori spelling has prevailed. It is considered closer to the original pronunciation, and therefore since the 1980s the official spelling in Uganda

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