Rungrado May Day Stadium (Labor Day) in Pyongyang, North Korea

Stadium Rungrado Labor Day, or Labor Day Stadium, is a multi-purpose stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea, which finished on May 1, 1989.
The stadium was built as a main stadium for the 13th edition of the World Festival of Youth and Students in 1989. Currently used for football matches, athletics, several games, but most often for the Arirang Festival (also known as the Mass Games). The stadium has 150,000 seats, which is a non-racing stadium world’s largest-capacity cars.

The name is taken from the name of the stadium Rungra Island located in Taedong River, where the stadium is coming, and May Day is a celebration of international workers day, which is particularly celebrated among communists. Corrugated roof has 16 arches are arranged like a ring, which can be said to resemble a parachute or a magnolia flower.
The stadium hosts a major field area of 22,500 m2 (242,000 ft2. Entirety of the stadium area exceeds 207,000 m2 through eight levels, and earlobe highest roof is at an elevation of more than 60 m (196 ft 10 in) from ground level.
While the stadium is used for activities – sporting events, this stadium is known as a place of great performances and appearances in order to commemorate Kim Il-sung and the state of North Korea. In June-July 2002, the stadium has become a colossal appearance gymnastics and careful that terkoreografi named “Arirang” as well as artistic performances (also known as the Mass Games). This magnificent show for the first time around involves more than 100,000 participants, which exceeds the number of spectators who also opened for foreign citizens, a thing that rarely happens. Criticism of the regime declared it as attempts to shift attention from the implementation of the 2002 FIFA World Cup held in South Korea and Japan, and as an effort to increase hard currency scarce.
Appearance has now become an annual event held in Pyongyang between August and September. Records Guinness Book record as the largest event in the world.
The stadium has become the place where Kim Jong-il entertaining Madeleine Albright, Secretary of Foreign Affairs of the United States at the time, when Bill Clinton became president of the United States.
In 2004, a number of North Korean army general who was involved in an assassination attempt against Kim Jong-il is executed in this stadium, by the way burned alive.
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