Riot in Rio de Janeiro, 13 People Killed

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Wednesday (24/11), on the fourth day of rioting that swept the city. They do not care about the presence of many police officers and stormed the slum that killed 13 people.

The wave of violence that has sparked further doubts about the ability of Rio de Janeiro to host a safe World Cup in 2014 and 2016 Olympics. The violence that marred the image of the city known for its beautiful beaches and a relaxed tropical lifestyle.

The attackers set fire to at least 15 cars and buses after forcing the passengers out on Tuesday (23/11) evening and Wednesday morning. Rio police report, 13 suspected drug smugglers were killed Wednesday in clashes with police, while 25 people were arrested on suspicion, they are linked to the unrest. The gunman opened fire on a police post, after a similar attack earlier this week.

Riots erupted on Sunday, with attacks on several police posts and burning vehicles. Action, according to senior security officials in Rio, were ordered by gang members who are in prison.

Authorities said the attack was a protest launched by the smugglers after being forced to leave their territory after more than a dozen police occupied slums in two years. “This is a desperate attempt to undermine our security measures,” said Sergio Cabral, Governor of the State of Rio de Janeiro, told local radio. “All they want is to create panic, so people back, but we’re not going backwards.”

Police continued to conduct raids against suspected drug smugglers in the slums. Hundreds of poor communities in a city of six million people still fought hard so that police and authorities could not enter.

Clashes between gangs has been expanded several times since the Rio de Janeiro in October 2009 believed to be the 2016 host city. Gang members shot down a police helicopter a few weeks later, triggering a counter-attack the police and riot erupted that killed 30 people. Last August, a number of men who carried automatic weapons and grenades are from a slum stormed a five-star hotel in one of the most luxurious neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. Those 35 people hostage for two hours.

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