Raja Ampat Marine Park, West Papua (Indonesia)

Raja Ampat Marine Park, West Papua (Indonesia) – Nature beautiful and abundant natural resources in the Raja Ampat Islands, West Papua. Marine park becomes ‘paradise’ for divers. Beautiful pearls contained in the sea. Earth Raja Ampat also save a nickel.

Variety of animals living there. Tersebutlah black head parrot (Lorius lory) and king parrots (Probosciger aterrimus). Likewise, a variety of flora grow, such as forest orchids, bags semar (Nepenthes mirabilis), ant nests (Myrmecodia jack), and parasites are efficacious for the drug.

Raja Ampat originally part of the Kingdom Tidore territories that are divided into four regions of small kingdoms, namely Waigeo, Batanta, Misool, and Salawati.

Each region is a region of small islands scattered in the west of the Bird’s Head in West Papua, which borders the Moluccas Islands.

Of these islands, only a few indigenous tribes who inhabited the ten local. Kabui District One, located in the Strait Kabui. Here live about 40 families who berpenghidupan as a fisherman.

They led a simple life in the abundance of natural wealth. Kids play cheerful living in modesty.

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