Mystery of Dog Blood Macgregor

Mystery story about the devil dog blood sucking chupacabra solved by one or a scientist. Spooky stories about a monster dog “hot” each ahead of Halloween in late October will be turned into a scientific explanation. However, do not crave an explanation of the existence of a new species of blood-sucking dog because chupacabra really just ordinary wild dogs are exposed to scabies deadly.

The myth of the chupacabra or also known as devil dog blood sucking goat (goat sucker) stems from a report about the attack livestock in Mexico and Puerto Rico. Farm animals that attacked was found dead with stab wounds and blood loss. The issue then grow larger when the same events are also found in other parts of Latin America and the United States.
From there, the local community to develop a story about the evil creatures described like a dog, like a reptile, and similar rodents. This creature supposedly community has a long snout, large fangs, scaly skin and dry, and a very nasty smell. Local people believe that the evil creature that is responsible for the deaths of the livestock.
Barry O Connor, a biologist from the University of Michigan, reveal that the chupacabra is just plain wild dogs are exposed to scabies. Diseases which can be fatal to dogs was caused by eight-legged mites that dwell in the lower layers of skin. Not only the wild dogs that can be affected by this disease. Other vulnerable animals, like coyotes, can also be attacked by mites, so that finally has the appearance like a chupacabra.
Connor explained that the mites are responsible for scurvy dogs is Sarcoptes scabiei wild that also cause itching in humans, called scabies or scabies. He also revealed that scabies in humans is disturbing, but not a serious disorder because humans have hair or fur of a very small and the population of mites in humans only 20-30 tails per person.
Humans have evolved over thousands of years to develop resistance to the mites, such as by having fewer feathers. However, when humans began to keep dogs, people also began to transfer the mites, mites present in their bodies to the dog. Who are victims of dog’s body, according to Connor, it seems not quite able to resist the parasite.
“Anytime you’re dealing with a new parasite, the effect is very bad. It will definitely have a lot of damage and death in a high level. Dogs that have not ever had a relationship with the mites do not have a history of interaction with him, so was unable to develop an appropriate defense against attack,” said Connor is also a professor of evolutionary biology.
In the wild dogs was fortunate that “transformed” into “chupacabra” is, a large number of mites living in the lower layers of the skin and cause inflammation, producing a thickening layer of skin, and blood supply to the hair stops so that the hairs fall out. In certain circumstances, there are openings that allow the bacteria enter the skin. This resulted in both a lethal infection. As a result, obtained is being ugly, rough-skinned, and smell, exact picture of chupacabra.
Then, what explains the cause of the creature attacking livestock? “Because of the weakened condition of wild dogs, they are difficult to hunt prey. So they were forced to eat animals, such as sheep and rabbits, because it’s easier to get it. Yes, it happened exactly the same as Sumatran elephants destroyed their habitats so that citizens of the surrounding agricultural land attack .
Wild dogs are not the only animals that can be attacked by mites. In other areas, it was reported that squirrels can also be attacked and eventually became difficult to move, resulting in a squirrel’s easier to die in road accidents. In Australia, the mites were also reportedly attacked the wombats. The wombat is rumored to get the mites from domestic dogs, while domestic dogs get it from humans.
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