Mount Kilauea in Hawaii Erupts

Mount Kilauea in Hawaii erupts. Scientists continue to monitor the increased activity of Mount Kilauea on the Big Island, Hawaiian Islands. Sunday, March 6, 2011, Kilauea volcano erupted and spewed material as high as 56 feet into the air.

The eruption did not cause damage to buildings in the national park on the mountain. “Not hurting people who camp out here,”said a national park rangers yesterday. He warned visitors to stay to keep a distance from the volcano.

Separately, on the east side of the mountain cracks occurred along the 535 yards in the open field. Geological Survey officials said that Napau, another crater, also began to erupt.

Park managers were immediately closed the road to the camp in the crater Napau. “To be safe, visitors can see the eruption from a distance of 1.5 miles,” said Mardie Lane, from the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory Park Ranger.

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