Madagascar Tourism (Natural Beauty of Madagascar)

Madagascar Tourism (Natural Beauty of Madagascar) – Madagascar is a country that occupies the world’s fourth largest island of the same name. Located in the Indian Ocean, off the east coast of Africa. It is said that the population of Madagascar or Malagasy people are descendants of a mixture of people originating from Borneo and Africa, then added with a little mixture of Arab, Indian, and Chinese culture and enrich the appearance and style of their clothing.

Tourism in Madagascar is shining, mainly because of its potential is so fascinating and far from the political upheavals such as those experienced by its neighbors in the region of the African Union.
In general the climate of Madagascar is dominated by an abundance of sun and tropical atmosphere. Along the coastal areas and inland weather is rather charming, the combination of hot and humid, while the pure arid southern region. But when the rainy season, normally present in the month of November to April, Madagascar will be heavy rain because the island has the heaviest rainfall accompanied by flashes of lightning which party can be a serious threat to the highlands of Madagascar.
The capital of Madagascar, Antananarivo city, is an area that received the most rain overflow. But when summer comes, the mood turned sunny and pleasant, though somewhat in the morning. In the area of higher, sometimes snow spots visited this city Antananarivo.
Malagasy people are generally considered to be very patriotic. When Madagascar managed to liberate themselves from France, they soon returned to their native customs and traditions and leave all the relics of colonial culture. Currently 98 percent of the population in Madagascar use their native language, Malagasy language that has been used as the language of instruction at the school since 1972. But in some corner of town you can still see some of the Malagasy people that are familiar and even fluent in a foreign language such as English, French, and German that sounded like the winds of heaven for tourists.

The tourists from Asia usually been to Madagascar with Air Madagascar flight using that has a twice weekly service from Bangkok to Antananarivo. When traveling to Madagascar, a time to see the Tsingy de Bemaraha stone labyrinth that has been established as one of UNESCO World Heritage Site. Limestone plateau covering an area of ​​152,000 hectares is adorned by a row of tall stone with a sharp peak. Deciduous forest areas also provides an opportunity for tourists to charming to look at different types of exotic birds, brown lemurs, and if you’re lucky, might be able to see the lemurs rare white sifaka Decken.

Do not miss also the privilege of a traditional carriage ride to the suburbs and across the Avenue of the baobabs baobab tree decorated with extraordinary. Only about 45 minutes north of Morondava on the west coast of Madagascar, this region is one of the most interesting sites are visited by many tourists in the region Menabe.

To solve this curiosity will kulinari Madagascar, you can try a combination of rice (Madagascar actually have offspring Indonesia. They are one of the country rice grower in Africa) who presented with laoka (which is usually a companion rice chicken, beans or meat the pig. Sounds like a side dish, is not it?), and close with a small glass of homemade yogurt. Bananas and rice cakes are the principal and snacks are available everywhere, in addition to coffee served with condensed milk. Sounds familiar, comfortable, and enjoyable

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