Love Hotels in Japan

Love Hotels in Japan – Ever heard the term hotel or love hotel love? In Japan, the hotel industry is flourishing and growing. It features: provides overnight rooms for couples who want to make out without interruption.

There was no taboo on the frame there. Anyone can hire, as long as willing to pay in cash according to the specified time limit. In fact, open to couples who want her secret affair awake.

Although accommodate cheating partner, this hotel does not accept gay or lesbian couples as well as those who want to roll in an intimate session, as quoted by The Globe and Mail.

In Sakura, there are at least 30 thousand hotels in love with a total transaction of a million visits per day. Not only local residents, the proliferation of this hotel also attracts international tourists to feel the sensation.

What is different from a typical hotel?

For the convenience of the couple, love hotels are usually implemented an electronic system that minimizes customer interactions with staff. Customers can choose a room via an electronic display with automatic payment system. Or through the frosted glass reception counter, where customers can see only the hands of staff.

There are no windows at all in the love hotel. The entrance to the building was designed to maximize customer privacy. Car parking area also features a curtain that will disguise the car plate.

Although impressed closed, found this hotel in Japan is not the case difficult. Just look at the name of the hotel which lumrahnya seem tempting, such as ‘Hotel Allure’ or ‘Hotel Peach Pie’.

Another peculiarity is the duration of the lease application as needed. No need to hire a night, but could be a matter of hours. Understandably, with interior design and good security system, the hotel is usually pretty fantastic rental rates apply.

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