Khajuraho Group of Temple and Monuments in Madhya Pradesh (India)

The Temple of Khajuraho is a group of temples in the town of Khajuraho in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. They belong to the UNESCO list of world cultural heritage.

Most of the temple was built by the Della Chan Dynasty 950-1050 AD. This was a between 10 and 16 Century Rajput ruling clan, which established around 950 in Gwalior. In the 10th and 11 Century was the leading power of the clan of northern India, though formally still vassals of Pratihara to 1018.

After the fall of the dynasty in the 12th Century were no longer used the temple, leaving seven centuries, the growth of the jungle. Only in 1906 systematic excavations began, which led to the rediscovery of this architectural masterpiece.

Originally, some 80 temples were located on an area of ​​21 sq km, but today are only 24 pieces will receive. One of the oldest temple is the Kandariya Mahadev temple from the 10-11. C. The tower form of the temple is different from similar creations in that it is more detailed and less abgekurvt more horizontal. The individual stages Tower tops off in height. The architecture of the temples Tempelbautraditionen connects all of the late Hindu period.

Most temples are the main Hindu gods, some of the Jains. The erotic pictures most likely have their origin in Tantrism.

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