Kandovan Stone Village (Iran) with a Variety of Unique Stone Buildings

Kandovan is the only village that was built entirely of stone, all the houses in the village was built from stone. There are even buildings that have been aged 7 centuries. Unique city of stone is situated between Osku City and Tabriz City. The only hotel in this place is The Cliff Hotel Kandovan Tourism is the second most unique hotels in the world under the only hotel of the Caves in Turkey.
According to legend, the city population first came to escape pursuit by the Mongolian army. They run and dig hiding in volcanic rock and stay there, until the danger has passed. Place initially as a place to hide it, and developed into homes complete with kitchens, bathrooms, even a family gathering place. The houses in these villages using a glass with beautiful colors to the windows of their homes.
historic stone house
Once you approach Kandovan, from the town of Osku or Tabriz, you will see the beautiful scenery of the green leaves of trees, so you’ll forget that you are in Iran is barren and dry. Closer and closer, you will be charmed by the unique form of house is incredibly beautiful.
Kandovan Residents, mostly farmers or herders Sheep profession, but the source of their income comes from tourism. They realize the great potential of their ancient homes and begin to learn to live together with the travelers from all over the world.
Visitors can choose to sleep in Kandovan Tourism Cliff Hotel 5 star, and is located in the heart of the village, or in one of our visitors, you can speak from Persia. Along the river that divides the village from this stone, there are many cafes, where you can sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of juice Zam-zam cool, gentle breezes filled with the fragrance smell the roses.
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