Kairaouine Mosque, Best and Most Holy Mosque in Morocco

Kairaouine Mosque in Fes el Bali (Medina), Fes is considered the best and holiest in Morocco as well as the second largest after the new Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca. Kairaouine Mosque (Djemaa el Kairaouine) was founded in 857 by Fatima al-Fihri, daughter of a wealthy immigrant from the holy city of Kairouan, Tunisia.

Fatima inherited a lot of money from his father, and Fatima vowed to spend all their wealth in a mosque. The mosque which has the original towers and a-Naffara Burj (Tower trumpet) is the oldest Islamic monument in Fes that was made in the year 956.
muslim mosque there are also libraries Kairaouine which is one of the most important and oldest library in the world (made in 1349). Morocco is a country in North Africa that is bordered by Spain, Algeria and Mauritania.

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