Ichkeul National Park in Tunisia

Ichkeul is a 12,600 acre National Park in the north of Tunisia, about 25 km southwest of the city of Bizerte. The National Park was established in 1980 mainly to protect the endangered birds in the same year in the list of World Natural Heritage (UNESCO) database. As a wetland it is also protected under the Ramsar Convention. In 1996 he was due to its increasing salinity as being at risk and thus recorded in the red list of endangered world heritage. 2006 Ichkeul was again removed from this list.

The Ichkeul Lake and its wetlands are important stops the bird route of hundreds of thousands of Tunisia on the Mediterranean, arriving birds such as ducks, geese, storks and flamingos that arrive that here to find food and build their nests. Ichkeul is the last remaining river in a chain that entlangzog sooner than the whole of North Africa.

The Ichkeul the lake supplying water is also required to supply the Tunisian population and stowed before the lake.

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