Hurricane Beatriz Towards the Pacific Coast of Mexico (June 21, 2011)

Hurricane Beatriz Towards the Pacific Coast of Mexico (June 21, 2011) -Hurricane Beatriz near the Pacific coast of Mexico on Tuesday, causing the tourist areas and ports are in standby for heavy rains and flash floods, the National Hurricane Center said the United States.
Category 1 hurricane in the Saffir-Simpson scale itensitas, triggering a warning issued on the coast of Mexico and the beach resort of Zihuatanejo and around the busy port of Manzanillo and Lazaro Cardenas, the agency said the typhoon was centered in Miami.
Heavy rains hit Manzanillo, with the power of wind hit the buildings.

Mexico has no significant oil instalisi d Pacific coast but a lot of tourists visited the United States.
The Mexican government said the state coastal Guerrero and Jalisco have to be ready to face the waves as high as 3 to 4 meters and the rainfall reaches 150 to 305 mm.
Television images showed cars washed into the sea due to high waves d Acapulco tourist areas.
Beatriz, the second typhoon in the Pacific hurricane season could cause flash floods and landslides before it moved back out to sea Tuesday night local time (GMT Wednesday), said hurricane center, based in the U.S..
Hurricane Center “will move very near or on the Mexican coast in the hurricane warning area,” the agency said.
The storm was about 110km southeast of Manzanillo with winds of 130km per hour, said hurricane center reported that 11 PM local time (1 PM GMT Tuesday). The storm will be stronger if its center remains in the water within the next few days, the center said.
Hurricane Adrian, which occurred earlier this month and will not cause destruction of property, is the first typhoon in the Pacific hurricane season of 2011.
Experts predict the weather are also a number of Atlantic hurricanes this year with some estimated at least five hurricane “big” that categorized three or more powerful
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