How to Become Smart Traveller with Little Money

mart traveler is important for you to know. Because sometimes you do not always have enough to meet the cost of your fare. In addition, you also have to be ready faced with conditions beyond previous estimates, such as running out of money, lost money, loss of direction of travel, and so forth.

Being a smart traveler is not difficult. With little money or a limited travel budget, you can still be a smart traveler. As for how to be a smart traveler with a little money is the most important thing you have to be sensitive and realistic.
travel but do not have money, you can use your ability to become a tour guide, guide foreign tourist arrivals to Indonesia. You can work in the travel agent or tour guide agent, or you can work independently. It offers direct services to foreign tourists. Advantages, in addition you are likely to accompany the tourists are traveling, you too will get paid for your services accompany these tourists.

The example above is one example of how to be a smart traveler with a little money or even be a free and smart traveler. So, in conclusion, sensitivity and intelligent in the view and take advantage of opportunities is the main capital.

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