Hotel and Team Base Camps of the Euro 2012 Team

Hotel and Team Base Camps  of the Euro 2012 Team – As has been applied to the Euro 1992, Euro 1996 and Euro 2008, each group will stay in the area around the two stadiums where matches. Besides the 8 (eight) of the organizers who had been appointed, Euro 2012 also pointed to several locations as places to live and practice their respective teams. On October 2010, has announced 21 (twenty one) a location that is available in Poland Gdańsk, Gniewino, Gdynia, Jelenia Góra, Józefów, Kielce, Kołobrzeg, Kraków, Legionowo, Lubawa, Międzychód, Opalenica, Ostroda, Pulawy, Słupsk, Tychy , Warka, Warszawa, Wieliczka, Wladyslawowo, and Wrocław.

Finally in 2011, each representative working with UEFA has chosen residence of each participant team. 13 (thirteen) the team will stay in Poland and 3 (three) teams stay in Ukraine, as to which can be seen in the following list:
  • England Kraków Hotel Stary
  • Croatia Warka Hotel Sielanka nad Pilica
  • Czech Republic Wrocław Hotel Monopol
  • Denmark Kołobrzeg Marine Hotel
  • France Donetsk Kirsha Training Facility
  • Greece Jachranka Hotel Warszawianka (practicing in Legionowo)
  • Spain Gniewino Hotel Mistral
  • Netherlands Kraków Hotel Sheraton
  • Republic of Ireland – Sopot – Hotel Sheraton (train in Gdynia)
  • Germany – Gdańsk – Hotel Dwór Oliwski
  • Poland – Warsaw – Hotel Hyatt
  • Portugal – Opalenica – Osrodek Remes Sport & Spa
  • Russia – Warsaw – Hotel Bristol
  • Sweden – Koncha-Zaspa – Platium Hotel
  • Ukraine – Kiev – Dynamo Kyiv Training Center in Kiev
  • Italy – Kraków – Hotel Turówka (train in Wieliczka)
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