Great Temple of the Chola Dynasty (India)

Great Living Chola Temples or Great temple of the Chola dynasty is a collective term for three in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites Hindu temple from the time of the Chola dynasty (9th to 13th century) in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is the temple of Thanjavur Brihadisvara, the Temple of Brihadisvara Gangaikonda Cholapuram Airavatesvara and the Temple of Darasuram. The temple of Thanjavur Brihadisvara is already a world heritage site since 1987. In 2004, the World Heritage site at the temples of Gangaikonda Cholapuram Darasuram and has been extended.
The Chola empire was one of the most important Indian kingdoms and is considered the most influential Hindu kingdom today. It is attributed to the Tamils​​. Like the ancient Greeks and Romans knew how to exercise the Tamil Cholas far-reaching cultural influence over its neighbors. The flowering period lasted from 9 to 13 Century.
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