Gates of Hell in Uzbekistan

Gates of Hell Hole in Uzbekistan is very astonishing. This hole has been there since 1975. And until now the fire in the hole that never die with any weather and looks unlikely to be turned off or extinguished.

Fire hole about twice the size of a football field with a depth of more than 30 meters. So, obviously has a very hot temperatures is not it? So no one that the people of Uzbekistan (Central Asian countries) called the “Gates of Hell on the Earth“.

Initial formation of this hole when geologist digging with heavy equipment to the drilling of natural gas. And when excavated, it turns out the scientists found a large gap in the ground. And because the gap is so large, eventually made ​​all the equipment to dig down into it. From the abyss is also a poisonous gas spewing so many people had died because of it.

However, experts get out and all the equipment was left mired go. Geologists are initiated to avoid the poisonous gas in order not to spread the fire. And since then the hole near the small town of Davaz is like a volcano spewing fire and still remain lit until now although already 35 years passed. Communities around no one dare to approach because of the influence of thermal field up to several hundred meters.

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