Free Holiday to Queensland

Free holiday to Queensland – How does it feel if the employees at the company you work for get a free trip to Queensland, Australia? Well, ask Rustam Salem, employees of the ADR Group, an automotive component manufacturing company from Indonesia. He and other employees of the ADR Group will be a free holiday to Queensland.

ADR Group won a holiday in Queensland’s incentives in the form of $ 1 million Australian dollars. They compete with companies from around the world in the arena Memo One Million Dollars (Million Dollar Memo) from Tourism Queensland.

“We think of a tourism promotion campaign for this year and eventually make Memo One Million Dollars. These companies deliver video that shows why the company is a good workplace for their employees and why Queensland is suitable as a tourist destination for corporate employees,” said Executive Director Wendy’s International Tourism Queensland Harch at a press conference with the winners at the Australian Embassy, ​​Jakarta, Thursday, September 8, 2011.

Meanwhile, the International Director of South East Asia Tourism Queensland Lim Mui Khim said, the participant who sent the video reaches 291 videos from 28 countries. Selecting his side back up to 70 finalists. There are three participants from Indonesia who entered the big 70.

“Until finally live a participant from Indonesia which is the ADR Group, a top 20 finalists from 11 countries. Representatives of the ADR Group we invite to Queensland for 8 days to face the challenge against other participants,” said Khim.

For eight days, Rustam ADR Group as a representative of the experience feeling like a king. He enjoys the variety of activities and attractions eminent Queensland. Call it the start of a tour by helicopter, visited Brisbane’s Gallery of Modern Art, cooking with chef reliably in leading restaurants, with up to play with the dolphins, koalas, and kangaroos.

Rustam also a chance to taste the dinner in the open air tropical rainforest in the Daintree. The participants also did white water rafting on the Barron River. They also enjoy the carnival on the Gold Coast surfing and snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef. Gold Coast and the Great Barrier Reef is like a tourist icon of Australia.

“Queensland is not very sound. But perhaps you are familiar with the Gold Coast, it’s very popular, such as tourists to Indonesia that have to go to Bali. If the Australians had to go to the Gold Coast and the Great Barrier Reef,” said Khim. He says, it wants to make Queensland as a destination for incentive travel.

One of them can be seen from the Indonesian market to visit Queensland. According to Khim, people of Indonesia who travel to Queensland are mostly families and group companies. Khim said, on holidays such as Idul Fitri holiday season, rising school holidays, and year-end holidays, tourists from Indonesia who come are family.

“In the months beyond that is a group company. As for the tourists that come in pairs is still small,” he told

How many employees will be brought ADR Group to travel to Queensland? According to Rustam, it wanted as many employees who can join the group travel event company. Each year the ADR Group does have its own agenda for the leisure traveler as a reward for employees.

“We count a person’s needs to 2000 Australian dollars. So who can come there are 500 employees. Plus from the budget office can for an additional 200 people, so the total will be 700 employees. That’s not to mention if there are employees who want to invite family, which went on tour to Queensland would be thousands, “he explained.

Meanwhile, Deputy Head of Mission Australian Embassy said Paul Robilliard, required by the Queensland tourism promotion, which recently affected.

“All the nations of the world, including Indonesia and the public sympathy in Australia menarih Queensland floods affected at the beginning of this year. Because of that Queensland needs post-disaster recovery through tourism promotion campaign. I saw the One Million Dollar Memo campaign is very innovative and creative to promote tourism Queensland, “he said.

He explained that tourism between Indonesia and Australia have a very close relationship. Paul reveals the origin of Indonesia recorded 124,000 visitors to Australia last year. Meanwhile, he continued, recorded 740,000 visitors from Australia who came to Indonesia. Wendy said, as many as 20,000 people to Queensland to visit Indonesia in the period June 2010 to July 2011.

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