Floating Village of Lake Titicaca (Peru)

Floating Village of Lake Titicaca (Peru) – Imagine, waking up and then see the world floats past our window, about a disaster what is happening? Flash flood or storm nightmare’re crashing our homes? Or is this just an ordinary day in the bed of grass floating on the lake Titicaca.

Located at an altitude of 3821 meters in the Peruvian desert, Lake Titicaca is also the largest lake in South America and has a spacious 8300 square kilometers. Lake Titicaca is located in the Andes mountains, to the east lies the country of Peru as the country lies to the west of Bolivia. This lake has an average depth of between 140 and 180 m, with a maximum depth of 280 m. More than 25 rivers flowing into Lake Titicacadi here there are 41 floating islands.

Originally created by the Uros people of Peru from Inca times, these beautiful islands are used for escape and refuge from the war that never stopped in his homeland.

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