Festivals And Public Holidays in the United States

Festivals And Public Holidays In the United States – In American culture, there are the biggest three-day holiday that occurs at the end of the Halloween, Thanksgiving and christmast. On Halloween, people will be vying for a costume party. Halloween’s Day always falls on October 31. The origins of Halloween are from Ireland, from Gaelic culture. In the past, people use a mask pretending to be demons and make peace with the demons on a special day in which the limiting world of the dead and live openly. 
At a Halloween party in America, children will usually go around from house to house and ask for candy or chocolate.

The houses are usually decorated with symbols of scary. The main symbol of Halloween is a pumpkin, pumpkins are usually carved into scary faces and forms of light illuminated from within. In New York City, there is usually very crowded costume parade.
Festivals and holidays that have become the second American culture is a day of Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is a day of thanksgiving in the tradition of Americans. Thanksgiving Day always falls on Thursday fourth week in November and became an official holiday. Thanksgiving itself is a day for giving thanks and praise to God for the harvest is given, so it happens at the end of the harvest season. Religious elements as well as a tradition in this celebration. In celebration of Thanksgiving, the whole family and relatives gather together. Dishes are mandatory in the celebration of Thanksgiving is a roasted turkey with cranberry sauce. Since the origin of Thanksgiving of the Pilgrims, the meals are also made from native North American food that had once given by the Indians to the Pilgrims. At dinner, the family members will tell you the good things they experienced as a form of thanksgiving.
After two days off on top, comes the celebration of Christmast or commonly known as Christmas. Christmast day religious holiday is a Christian and Catholic, to celebrate the birth of the Savior Jesus Christ. Christmas Day falls on December 25. The moments before Christmast, people will decorate their homes with Christmas trees, lights, Merry Christmast writings, even the snowman because Christmast in America in the winter. On the night before Christmast, Christians will go to church. Feast day is also used as a time to gather and have dinner with family, exchange gifts, each charity to the poor and the time of the famous Santa Claus likes to give gifts to children emerged.
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