Favorite and Best Shopping Places in Bali

holidays in Bali, there are Favorite and Best Shopping Places in Bali :

1. Sukawati Art Market
Who knows Sukawati guns? From the past until now, Sukawati art market is the most complete and largest art market in Bali. The main reason people shop here, the price is cheap.

2. Kris Bali
Market by-by with a prime location on Sunset Road, Legian. Access roads here are very easy and super-spacious parking.
Bali. Shopping shopping guns, still thank you!

4. Badung Market and Kumbasari Market
Besides functioning sell a variety of daily necessities, most of this market also provides a variety of knick-knacks Balinese with cheaper price and negotiable.

Actually there are many other shopping places, but I think hell place is quite crowded shopping

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