Estimating Budget Travel Tips

estimate the budget for a travel or tour? Is simple enough, especially now with the internet, all the info easily be present in front of your computer.

To estimate the budget, we first have to divide the budget into three major criteria: Transportation, Accommodation, and Food. Please note that this is still beyond the cost of travel documents (such as passports, visas, etc.).


Transportation budget includes airfare and transportation in the city. Usually I find the entire transportation cost estimate in advance the following way:
1. First totalkan all transport ticket price (all the selected vehicle), can be checked via the Internet. No need to book directly, which is important to know the price first.

2. Then do not forget to look for info-info about transportation alternatives that might fall will be cheaper than a plane.

Example: Phuket-Krabi bus ticket = 155 baht, it was cheaper than Phuket-Krabi ferry ticket = 550 baht. Perhaps the arrival time will be longer, but all this back to the needs of each traveler. From here we can get the simulation costs with some alternative mode of transportation.


1. First we collect the info from the internet, whichever is appropriate lodging our budget. For example I want to walk to Kuta, then I usually googling: “cheap lodging in Kuta” or “recommended hostels in Kuta”. Note that I use two kinds of languages, is to seek opinions of local tourists and foreign tourists.

2. Or the other way, looking through the website hostels online booking service providers, such as,, and the like. Here we can choose a hostel to suit our needs. Then totalkan accommodation costs, adjusted for how many days we stayed.


This includes food and drink for the road and snack-snack snacks alias. Budget meal should we specify. Usually I limit roughly Rp 50,000 a day includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

But it also depends on which our country will go, better looking more info about the cost of daily living in the place we are headed. One example of the estimated cost of living in various countries could look at the “Budget Travel Costs of 94 Cities around the World” by Go Budget Travel.


After the three main budget we managed to get, now we have to find info about the cost of making the required documents (if we plan to go abroad).

After all the roads budget was recorded and counted in a rugged, exaggerating about 30 percent for the reserve fund. This is important.

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