Estadio Malvinas Argentinas in Mendoza (Argentina)

Estadio Malvinas Argentinas in Mendoza (Argentina) -The Estadio Malvinas Argentinas, to 1982 Estadio Ciudad de Mendoza (Mendoza dt Municipal Stadium), located in the Argentine city of Mendoza. It was built in the years 1976 to 1978 and served as a venue for the Football World Cup 1978th The stadium has a capacity of 40 268 seats, of which 20 268 seats and 20,000 standing places.

Until 1982, the stadium was simply called Estadio Ciudad de Mendoza. Then it was the middle of the Falklands War (Spanish: Guerra de las Malvinas) between Argentina and the United Kingdom for patriotic reasons, its present name.

In 2001, the stadium was one of the venues for the FIFA World Youth Championship, held in Argentina.

Found since the first ascent of the football club CD Godoy Cruz in the Primera División in 2006 in the stadium first game of the highest Argentine League.

The Malvinas Argentinas stadium is also one of the eight venues for the Copa América 2011th

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