Enchantment of Twelve Apostles in Australia

One of the main attractions in Australia which is often visited, “the resorts on the coast of Port Campbell National Park, Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Twelve Apostles In 1922 known as the Sow and Piglets. Sow near Loch Ard Gorge, while a pile of stones Piglets which resembles a small pig. in Muttonbird Island.

Coral is a limestone sedimentary rocks in the sea, which also includes live coral, and coral reefs is one of the major components of coastal resources from Indonesia to Polynesia and Australia and then to the west that is. (Coral hermatipik has a unique character that is a blend of nature).

Then later changed to the Apostles and the last is the Twelve Apostles. “In this place, you can still do other tourism activities using helicopters to circle the inland areas around the Great Ocean Road.
Australia is somewhat unique because it has nine rocks that form the pillars of Twelve Apostles. Although not numbered twelve pillars. “As a result of erosion, in July 2005, one of the pillars of Twelve Apostles as high as 50 meters have been collapsed and sank into the sea, so now you can only watch eight pillar which still stands there.
But you can still enjoy the charm and visit the Twelve Apostles Motel and Country Retreal in London or the London Bridge Arch near Canberra.
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