Easy Tips to Avoid Seasickness

easy tips to avoid seasickness.

1. Before leaving, the stomach should be filled and not empty, but not too full, and for those who lack confidence may take a hangover about 15 minutes before departure.

2. If you could choose and there are several fleet to be dispatched, select the ship that large, because large vessels are generally able to reduce waves. Ship used to ferry the Peacock-Bakauheni generally large capacity up to hundreds of passengers.

3. Boarding soon to choose a bench at the rear of the ship, due to ship speed above 20 knots is generally the front will be more pronounced rise and fly for a moment.

4. For the multilevel inter-island boat tour (the top level is generally for the skippers) but also usually available seat passenger. Well, for those of you who seasick try not to choose at the top, select in the middle or bottom only, because the shock is more felt at the top.

5. Select the shade is not hot and looking for good air circulation, not stuffy. If possible, the room is air-conditioned.

6. Calm your mind, do not carry over fear, because fear will occur 5 minutes after the ship set off and separated from the pier.

7. For those who began to feel nauseous and dizzy should try looking at the horizon, where the islands are remote and take a deep breath in the taratur. Prepare a plastic bag to throw up if it can not be prevented. The ship will not stop even if you throw up. Because if the ship stops, shock waves will hit the hull and will further lead to dizziness and nausea.

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