Cuba Plane Crash, 68 Killed (November 5, 2010)

Cuba plane flying from the city of Santiago de Cuba in the east to Havana, the capital of the country, crashed in the mountains after declaring a state of emergency on Thursday night. The accident killed all (68) persons on board including 28 foreign nationals.

The plane belongs AeroCaribbean with flight number 883 that crashed near the village of Santi Spiritus Province Guasimal carrying 61 passengers and seven crew. Cuban Civil Aviation Authority, on Friday (5 / 11) morning, issued a statement declaring there were no survivors in these kecalakan. The statement also contains a list of passengers that included nine Argentina, Mexico seven, three Dutch, two Germans, two Austrians, and each one of France, Italy, Spain, Venezuela and Japan.

A photo posted on the website of local newspaper, showing a large piece of the burning aircraft and military uniformed rescue workers who stood nearby. It is said, local Communist Party chief and Interior Ministry officials and other officials were at the scene to assist evacuation efforts.

State media said the ill-fated plane was kind of ATR-72 twin-engine and that the accident scene not far from Zaza reservoir, the largest in Cuba. It said the government has mobilized the doctors and emergency workers in rural areas, which is about 350 kilometers east of Havana.

At the national terminal Havana, the families of the passengers on the plane that is separated from other passengers and journalists. “It’s very sad,” said Caridad de las Mercedes Gonzalez, who maintain an airport information desk, before officials announced that all passengers were killed. “We are very worried. This has made us surprised.”

State media gave no details about what happened on the plane. The media simply says that the cause of the accident was being investigated.

The flight actually be the last to leave the Santiago de Cuba to Havana ahead of Tropical Storm Thomas, who will pass through the area between the eastern tip of Cuba and west coast of Haiti, on Friday. Cuban media have previously reported, flights and train service to Santiago was delayed until the storm passed.

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