Creative Vacation Tips

traveling to objects that offer beautiful views or just shopping, it would not hurt you now trying to craft. In Jakarta, for example, you can learn to make batik usually held at the Textile Museum.

Tour History

While visiting the historic sites, do not just look around and take pictures just narcissistic. But you try to match the information on historic sites you visit. Ask the venue manager to explain it to you. Generally, museums and historic sites have tour guides. Then, write about your visit on a personal blog so you can always remember the story about the place.

Get Map and Addresses

Do you often explore your own hometown? If you answer ‘Rarely’, then it’s time for you to have a map of your hometown. Take a map, close your eyes, and point fingers randomly on the map. Go to where you designate. Will be more fun if you do this trip together with your friends. To add hapened, use public transport. Search, browse, and look forward to surprises you might encounter on the trip.
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