Coral Reef Research Center in Australia

research center of the world’s coral reefs are built in the southern constellation Australia Great Barrier Reef corals. In this place the experts could examine the damage to reefs from climate change. They could do the experiment to see how the reactions are oxidation and coral reefs to global warming. This lab has 72 aquariums and 12 miniature coral reef, where experts can raise or lower the temperature and CO2 levels to study the level of damage and ecosystem response. Conditions in this lab was made equal to the situation in Wistari waters near Brisbane.
Queensland as part of the project Climate Change Mesocosm (CCM). CCM project is studying the temperature, acidity levels below and above sea level and water conditions on coral reefs, says Sophie Dove, who heads the lab this.

This research center also features four large water tanks that could make 7500 liters of water. Experts can use this lab to see the reaction of the coral reefs of the four conditions of the oceans: the pre-industrial, current conditions, and sea temperatures and moderate to high CO2.

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