Bunker Tour in the Soviet Union

Bunker Tour in the Soviet Union – Whose name bunkers must be in the earth. Like a well alone. Impressed creepy especially associated with the communist regime. However, this one is more appropriately referred to as the world’s most beautiful bunkers. Why?
If you’ve traveled to Berlin, must have found a variety of incision history, started the rest of the Berlin Wall, Check Point Charlie, until the story bunker built allies and the Soviet Union. One of the bunkers that reportedly still mesterius until now is where Hitler committed suicide due to frustration of losing the war. Bunker was definitely creepy.

Almost the same, occurs when the gulf war raged. Saddam Hussein seems to have set up an impenetrable defense, the bunkers are very sturdy. There are many weapons of war until the weapons stockpiled stomach. When the United States prefers to play the shot from the air, then the Iraqi army to play hide and seek in the bowels of the earth. Currently most of the bunker is reportedly neglected and becomes “nest” ghost.
Most bunkers are associated with the defense in the war. Likewise that had been prepared by the communist government during the Soviet Union became a super power. The difference is, the bunker in Russia is multifunctional: shelter millions of citizens from enemy attack, the control warfare, transportation routes with fast train, and sculpture galleries of the artists show off ornaments. Comfortable and beautiful.
Entering the metro station in Moscow is like into the belly of the earth, pierced through more than 40 meters. Far deeper than the wells in your hometown. But, when entering the metro station, visitors use the escalator so they can enjoy a very unique atmosphere.
Underground metro station in Moscow is not just any station. This is called the best underground museum. In all the stops the train, the travelers will be treated to a variety of ornaments and statues of “eternal” made by the hands of artists at the height of communism. All the nuanced struggle that knows no surrender. Both were played by soldiers and farmers. Some are made of metal, iron, or a mosaic. Here and there, visible symbol of communism is still shiny: hammer and sickle.
Historically, this Metro station is not just any station. During the Cold War, this is where the generals office. This is where the nuclear buttons ready to push. This is where if there’s a world war, all the people of Moscow could hide seek safe. This is where food reserves are stored. From here too, everyone can travel to all corners of Moscow. It is precisely because the role of underground passageways is the best Russian artists were invited to decorate with a variety of his work. A brilliant idea led the Soviet Union.
So during a visit to Moscow, ikhlaskan yourself drowning in their ground in even the slightest stomach. Visits to several Metro stations will provide lessons and evoke memories of the existence of a time when the world split into two and humans made unsafe. Cold War that gave rise to monumental works. A valuable lesson that is rarely encountered in history books.

Reaching Many Benefits
Tracing the metro bunker with learning history, especially about the ways of thinking and the ideals of Lenin and Stalin. Despite direcanakan since 1902, but with the World War I and the Russian Revolution led to the construction of metro delayed and the first line called Sokolnicheskaya recently opened on May 15, 1935 for the hard work of the forced laborers.
Until 1955, the metro is still named after Lazar Kagonovich the name of a principal adviser to Stalin and one of the main architects of the metro construction. During World War II, a beautiful basement is used as a bunker of the people from enemy attacks and also used for various tactical meeting of communist leaders. In wartime, the base station Christiye Prudy into war and at the same place ngantornya the general staff.
Meanwhile, Mayakovskaya Station made the center of anti-aircraft weapon launchers on 6 November 1941 is used for warning of October 24 th is decorated with statues of Lenin’s communist flags around it. At that time, all trains stopped in the main room and set up the buffet food with hundreds of places to sit beside him. Perhaps, this is the most festive party bunker by man until now.
In his free time, using the metro it will be faster to the goal, because with the ground vehicles are guaranteed to face tremendous congestion. From Airport Seremetyevo to downtown in the morning or afternoon for example, a car we are riding could stagger up to 3 hours. Not to mention the attitude of motorists who are not yet mature, causing many traffic accidents. While the metro (express train), takes only half an hour.
Moscow Metro underground is relatively efisen, safe and inexpensive. In one day be able to transport nine million commuters without a significant accident. If in 1935 the metro has only 13 stations it is currently being built more than 160 stations with 11 lanes. Development and modernization continue from year to year.
As travelers tight pocket, grasp the metro map is a must, while renting a vehicle into the umpteenth alternative. Because the network is extensive, then rely on the metro to get to the attractions to be something that is mandatory.
On the sidelines bermetro ria, our eyes are pampered with a variety of monumental work. No one can argue, metro station in Moscow is the most beautiful station in the world. Forget comfort metro in the fashion capital Paris and Singapore. Moscow Metro began to be made at the time of Stalin’s eye view of this promising touch the soul. Each station was built very seriously, both in terms of safety, comfort and artistic. The artists worked day and night to decorate each station so that the users of the metro service made travel from one gallery to another gallery.
By using the escalator as deep as 40 meters, the traveler will be delivered to the palace filled with meaningful ornaments ranging from mosaics, marble statue from the old to the ancient crystal lamps. The beauty of the atmosphere created and the artistic arrangement of lights that will make our dreams floated into the triumph of the communist era. This is where the great works of the 50’s era on display.
Komsomolskaya station, for example, was designed by a leading architect, Shchusev. This is one of the most beautiful station of its roof adorned with mosaic panels depicting the might of Korin’s military leaders in the 14th century. All apparently mosaic created using ancient Byzantine techniques that marry glass, marble and granite. Here also been on display panel titled “Keep the delivery Flag” depicting Stalin holding a flag and a soldier crouching and kissing her.
Do not be surprised, in Russia there are still many who believe in the myth. Exiting the train, some passengers will stroked one of the statues made of brass. They believe, it does it will bring salvation and even luck. You can also do it if you want.
In between enjoying the beauty of the palace and underground trains are mostly still relatively old, you will also begin to understand Russian in the broadest sense. Although the station environment is relatively clean and orderly, the facility is not yet as modern as the Moscow metro New York or Paris. Old ticket booth and the guards did not dress as cool as co-workers in Paris. They are also still many a smile to the metro users.
Maybe eventually we become aware that the process of societal change takes time. Within certain limits, the officers and the community users Moscow metro is a transitional society. From socialist to liberal, from communists to democracy. Not surprisingly, sometimes his behavior still reflects the values ​​of the past. Indifferent to a stranger, let alone a stranger. (Kompas)
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