Bali is the Right Place to Christmas holidays 2010 and Welcoming the New Year 2011

Christmas holidays 2010 and welcome New Year 2011.
“The government of Bali, the tourism industry employers and the community is already doing to the direction of improvement for the safety and comfort of all parties,” said an observer of tourism, Dewa Rai Budiasa, in Denpasar, on Saturday (20/11/2010).

As many as 75 entrepreneurs Budget Hotels in Badung such as Safety Standards have received a Certification of Accommodation Services as a primary requirement in tourism and this is a pretty good action.

Because without any conditions and handling of safety and security is highly improbable that both these tourist areas will be visited by tourists, especially Bali have highlighted the outside world is the best at this time.

Dewa Rai feel confident that Bali’s tourism industry entrepreneurs received many orders of hotel rooms and tour packages are acceptable, because Bali is still a choice to celebrate Christmas and took off in 2010.

Christmas and New Year holidays staying a few more months, while the interest of tourists to celebrate the second day was very great importance in Bali, it was marked by more and more bookings are received.

He considered, tourists who do the Christmas break and release the old year and welcome the new year can definitely be more crowded, when compared to the summer school holidays or during the celebration of Idul Fitri. For the holidays later this year will be used by tourists and foreigners alike, because it was almost all office or place of business will be closed, school or college holidays.

“So the workers, who have free time will certainly use it with your family to enjoy the atmosphere of Christmas and the end of the year, then Bali is still the choice of the most special,” Rai said sure.

Those who will vacation in Bali is usually much earlier had reserved a hotel room for fear of fullness. They are booked 3-4 months earlier, even many foreigners who have already ordered from January or February of this year.

Rai added, according to experiences in previous years, the peak season at the end of the year will be starting on December 23 to January 6. “Quite long vacation time, so many cultural attractions can be seen,” he said.

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