Azadi Stadium in Tehran (Iran)

Azadi Stadium is Iran main national stadium which is located in Tehran, and a capacity of 100,000 seats for the spectators and the stadium pride of the Iran population. This stadium is the largest soccer stadium in Iran and are often used for official matches and friendship by the Iranian national football team. The stadium is part of the Azadi Sports Complex.
The stadium was first built in 1973 and inaugurated in that year for the organization of the Asian Games 1974 in Iran. In 2002 the stadium was renovated to reduce the seating capacity from 100,000 to 90,000 audience seats. The stadium has been named Aryamehr Stadium as a tribute from members of the Shah of Iran, but some time later returned to Azadi Stadium after the 1979 Iranian Revolution.

Iran national football team against Australia which ended 0-0 draw and 2-2 draw at home to Australia and get Iran to the 1998 World Cup in France due to superior goal aggregate in the cage opponent.

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