Auckland Tourism (New Zealand)

Auckland Tourism (New Zealand) – Maori tribe, called the New Zealand Aotearoa (land long white cloud). Stunning landscape with thick forests, wildlife and pleasant climate is a haven for seekers of peace, relaxation, and tranquility, as well as a playground for those seeking adventure.
When compared with the size of Britain, Colorado or Japan, New Zealand resident population of only 4 million people, making it one of the country with a population of terjarang. Relatively little change in the weather makes it an ideal tourist destination all year round.

Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city with a population of 1.3 million people, inhabited by one-third of New Zealand. The combination of a sophisticated city with a coastal lifestyle that always produces entered in the top 10 world rankings. Imagine a town atmosphere, where people live half an hour travel time to the beautiful beaches, hiking paths and dozens of other tourist islands. Coupled with a sunny climate, Polynesian cultural background and good food, wine and shopping – you must have obtained a picture of Auckland.
Auckland is the gateway for those who want to experience adventure in New Zealand. Auckland is the perfect place to enjoy urban culture, food and fashion that captivated you. The atmosphere of the beach and calm sea invites you to relax. Auckland is also the geographical wonders of the 48 volcanoes and two wet rain forest hundreds of years old.
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