Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, USA

Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, USA. In this museum, you will see one of the most unique collection of Asian art and the famous bronze statue of Buddha from China. Chinese Buddha statue is the world’s oldest known recorded from 338 AD.

In this museum there are several main galleries devoted to the art of South Asia, West Asia (including Persia), Southeast Asia, Himalaya, China, Korea and Japan.

However, there is an exhibition that has been the focus of this museum is the exhibition of China’s first since the end of World War II (1975), an archaeological exhibition, and exhibition of wisdom and compassion that was opened by the Dalai Lama in 1991.

This museum up to 2003 still sharing space with the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park and moving on tahunyang similar to the site of the former library building of San Francisco. ‘The renovated under Italian architect Game Aulenti direction. In this museum there are also collections of art objects donated by a collector named Brundage, who donated more than 7,700 Asian art objects.

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