Arrowhead Football Stadium in Kansas (USA)

Arrowhead Football Stadium in Kansas (USA) – Arrowhead Stadium is a competitive place in the American city of Kansas City. It serves mainly as a venue for the Kansas City Chiefs (NFL). It is with the Kauffman Stadium part of the Truman Sports Complex.

The stadium has a reputation for being one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL, where the volume record is 116 decibels.

History of Arrowhead Stadium

The construction of the Arrowhead Stadium started in 1968, after the Kansas City Chiefs in the first final of the 1967 National Football League, the Super Bowl, stood. The official opening was followed on 12 August 1972, which the Chiefs were able to move the stadium to the season 1972nd Their visitor record was also the arena in 1972, with 82 094 visitors is the maximum value is still valid today.

1984 appeared on concepts for a shelter, but these were considered too costly. Early 90s was to install two video screens. Three years later, the artificial turf was replaced with natural grass. 2007, the team announced on extensive infrastructural renovations. The main changes include the new player and coach spaces and new VIP seats. The work was completed in July 2010.

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