Ancient Rome: Debris Ship, Showing Location of Punik War

Punik War, a war that involves the ancient Roman and Carthage. The archaeologists believe that the newly discovered ship debris is from the end of the first Punik War.
Instructions on the location of the battle is obtained when a ram (a kind of horn at the bottom) of the battleships were found. Jeffrey G. Royal from RPM National Foundation and his colleagues found that sharp bronze ram-extending from the hull, which is used to crash into enemy ships. The use of ram it is one of the strategies used in naval battles in ancient times and play an important role Dalan Punik War.

“There has never been found in ancient battleships ever. This result is very valuable for the study of marine archeology,” said Royal, on Monday (18/10/2010) at Key West, Florida. He also added that the ram is the only part remaining battleships, while other parts are made of wood was not found.
Ram who recently discovered a third ram found around the Mediterranean region. In 2008, the Royal and his team also found a small part of ram along with the wood, which according to an analysis using carbon atoms, also from the end of the first Punik War. Other Ram again found three years earlier, says an ancient text that points in the same year. “At this point, we feel that we already have the first archaeological evidence of the location of naval battles in ancient times,” said Royal.
Although scientists believe about the location of the battle the Roman and Carthage, they still can not be sure about who the owner of the ram. Royal sought to determine the owner of the ram is by analyzing the appearance of ram it. Ram first found in written texts in Latin and decorated with a rosette which indicates that the ram is owned by Roman. Instead, a ram was found in 2008 is very plain, without decoration, and still leaves finger marks that indicate that the ram is owned by Carthage.
Because the last ram ram is identical to that found in 2008, Royal said that the last ram found belonged to Carthage. Royal belief is strengthened by evidence that while the ancient Romans had a strong fleet before the war began, Carthage likely rush in and build a fleet of battleships that were not appropriate.
Based on historical data, coupled with other evidence that Carthage was the loser in that battle, the Royal said the ram which recently discovered is owned by Carthage.
Ram found also able to provide other clues “Ram is able to give clues about how the wood on the ship arranged and combined, and the large timber,” added Royal express how valuable the invention of this ram.
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