Amr bin Ash Mosque (Egypt), The Oldest Mosque in Africa

Amr bin Ash Mosque is a mosque in Cairo City, Egypt. The mosque was built in the year 641 H. M/21 This mosque is the oldest mosque in Egypt and also became the oldest mosque in Africa. Amr bin Ash Mosque was founded by the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad, who is also conquering the land of Egypt, Amr bin Ash.

Ablution in the mosque was very interesting, because it is divided into two. The first place is intended for those using the flip, while the use of shoes can take it off and direct barefoot his ablutions in the space provided. The center of the mosque was not roofed and marble floor had not given the carpet. In the middle of the mosque that is open, the available water ready for drinking. Pillars of the mosque that the mosque’s neat to make a high artistic value.

As the days of Islam and the month of fasting, the mosque was always full, even outside the mosque. In addition, the mosque was also by Al-Azhar University students used to learn and memorize the Quran.

The mosque was first built in the year 21 AD Hijriah/641. Many of the companions of the Prophet Mumahammad who participated in building this mosque, so that up to eighty companions determine the direction of Qibla, including; Zubair bin Awam, alMiqdad, Ubadah Bin Shamat, Abu Darda, and others. The mosque was elongated, with a length of 28.9 meters, 17.4 meters wide and side, brick walls, the roof is made from the stem of the palm, and ting-pillars of the palm tree trunk and had six doors.

This mosque has been repeatedly renovated and expanded. Among other things, in the year 53 AH (672 AD) Prince Maslamah bin al-Anshori Mukhallad has expanded the mosque, then expanded by Prince Abdul Aziz bin Marwan (the governor of Egypt at the time) the year 79 AH (698 AD).

In the reign of Caliph Abdul Malik bin Marwan, the mosque was in the larger by Abdul Malik bin Thahir. Now, the length of Amr bin Ash Mosque is 120 meters and 100 meters wide. The mosque had also been repaired by the sultan Saladin al-Ayubi in the year 568 AD H/1172

Amr bin Ash Mosque so much attention from government, from the reign of Khulafau Rasyidin, Umayyad Dynasty, the Abbasid Dynasty, Dynasty Ayubiyyah, mamalik Dynasty, until the Ottoman Dynasty. Amr bin Ash Mosque is not just a place to pray, but also became the first Islamic education center on the African continent. Imam Syafii also has taught at the mosque. It shows that Amr bin Ash Mosque, has given birth to Muslim scholars reliable.

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