American Cuisine (USA Typical Food)

American Cuisine (USA Typical Food) – Burger became one of the most famous of American food that has worldwide. Burger is a fusion of two pieces of bread round the adjoining inserted with various materials. Ingredients for filling burger is the meat can be beef or chicken, cheese, usually mozzarella cheese is melted, vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers plus mayonese seasoning and tomato sauce or chili sauce. Burger is a practical American cuisine to be made.

Fried chicken is a chicken dish that was given flour with spices and then fried in hot oil. Fried chicken is also a popular dish worldwide. Hallmark of American fried chicken is a dry flour, and brown krispi and distinctive spicy. Usually fried chicken served with fries or rice and selected as a glut of heavy food. Fried chicken is usually also a mandatory meal served during the celebration of Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Succotash is a dish with the main ingredient of corn and various beans. Complement is another tomato succotash, red or green peppers and assorted vegetables. American cuisine is relatively inexpensive and easily obtainable material. Succotash is shown when America was experiencing a major crisis in which the American population is difficult to eat, then they make the succotash as a cheap meal. Succotash is often served at Thanksgiving. This dish can also be cooked in the skillet and served in a pie.

Such as translation, corn bread is bread made of corn flour. Corn bread is often eaten together with the liquor. Corn bread is very easy to make and can be shaped variety. Cornbread there are various kinds, baked corn bread, sweet bread plain, fried, steamed bread made even dry. Corn bread can be served with soup nuts, honey, butter, onion, and so on. Sometimes the corn bread is also destroyed and then served with cold milk as grain cereals. Corn bread can also be made into tortillas. Tortilla is a flat bread made from wheat or corn grinding, bread without yeast.

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