7 Best Tourism in Sicily Island

7 Best Tourism in Sicily Island – Sicily is one of the most enchanting islands in Italy. The island of Sicily has a very beautiful tourist quality and amaze many people. No wonder so many people from all over the world took to the island is visited when on vacation to Italy.

The island of Sicily has a very strong Greek culture, in contrast to most of the Italian culture that actually adheres to the Roman-an Italian-style center. Here, seven Favorites nan interesting sights and exotic are much visited by tourists from various countries:

Teatro Greco
If Rome has the Colosseum, then Sicily has Teatro Greco. Teatro Greco is the theater where various performances. This theater is a relic of the Greek empire. The location is exactly located at the edge of the sea makes its own beauty. In fact, world-class poet Goethe had to mention that this theater is the most beautiful theater in the world.
 Mount Etna
Mount Etna is one of the active volcano on the island of Sicily. Uniquely, the mountain is almost always backfire all the time (on a small scale) is the main attraction for visiting tourists. 
Old City of Syracuse
Siracosa old city is a city located in the eastern island of Sicily. The city is very interesting because in terms of architecture and remains of ancient buildings and old. But make no mistake, it was the ancient atmosphere that makes this city a famous and much visited by foreign tourists.
Pasticceria Alba

Pasticceria Alba is a place for the lovers of culinary Sicilian-style ice cream. In this place, the tourists can enjoy a variety of Sicilian-style dish of ice critic very difficult to find in other Italian regions. Obviously with a delicious flavor and a popular price.

Dom Siracusa

This place is spelled by many as an art center ulau Sicily. Here the tourists can enjoy the beauty of art. Starting from the cathedral buildings with beautiful architecture, to exhibit the paintings of the world.

Fast Food Drive-in Palermo

You lovers of fast food? If yes, here you can find fast food the island of Sicily. You do not need to go to the restaurant, the restaurant actually was the one who will come to you.

Area Fast Food Drive-in is located in Palermo. In Sanai you can order lots of food typical of the island of Sicily who peddled peddler using cars and bicycles.

Port of Sicily

At first glance it is similar to the city of Venice. But make no mistake, gondola, gondolas passing in this region was not de Venice gondola, but the boats that transport is often hung in the harbor.

Colorful boats in the harbor you can rent for around the harbor while enjoying the beauty of Sicily Sicilians 

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