5 Cleanest City in United States

the neat and clean city in the United States, among others:

Portland, Oregon is a city that has a good planning, where the elected local governments have formed groups in the growth areas around urban centers. Inside the circle the city has an uneven urban development, and outside the circle is filled with more open areas and farmland. So that all citizens residing in the city, can enjoy the harvest together with good transport access.

San Jose, California. The city has a fairly clean air conditions. Because in every industry San Jose set a high standard of cleanliness of the environment around their neighborhood. San Jose is one of the city known as clean, fresh air, and having a healthy lifestyle.

Buffalo, New York. The country also has overseen its environmental hygiene, such as cleaning the Buffalo River which is often visited by sailors and a few fishermen. To cope with garbage, Buffalo government restructuring by giving awards to the winners who managed to collect garbage.

Columbus, Ohio. State of Ohio’s capital is a big city which has the largest population in the country so that local government has supported efforts to develop watershed land (watershed) is more effective. It is intended for disposal of waste and rain water can be discharged properly. Because the Neighborhood Pride through town, some residents each year also received attention in the form of tree trimming, graffiti reduction, bulk waste disposal and much more.

San Francisco is a city that has cleaner air than California. The city is spelled out cleaner because local City Environmental Department has been trying to close the power station at Hunter’s Point and enable the federal EPA as a hygiene supervisor large ships there.

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